St. Peter's Basilica App

“The beauty of this basilica not only serves to give glory to God, but it also offers an encounter with Him, for He is beauty Itself.”

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Why a 'St. Peter's Basilica' App?

Standing in St. Peter's Basilica is an incredible, overwhelming, ornately beautiful and deeply moving experience.

This app was inspired by two factors: the unique and prime opportunity the Basilica offers in terms of evangelization efforts, and the lack of high quality, dynamic, and easily accessible resources.

The app will be produced in seven official languages. It will offer a range of information, from practical – such as opening hours, mass schedule, directions etc. – to artistic, historical and spiritual, through dynamic audio guides and accompanying visual elements.

CAST is already at work on this project, but everything is on pause until we get your help! Want to participate in this evangelization effort and see the app come to fruition?

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