“Every expression of true beauty can thus be acknowledged as a path leading to the Lord Jesus”

Pope Francis

Why Travel?

Why do people travel to places like Rome, the Holy Land, Fatima etc.?

For believers, the answer typically pertains to the rich spiritual significance these places hold.  It’s not only the pious type that wind up there however, that invest limited vacation days and every saved penny to visit.

What’s the appeal for them? The beauty of these places, teeming with history and art, and boasting of marvelous stories of humanity. Yet, the beauty of these destinations points to another reality, which nations built monuments to glorify and people lived and died for.

In other words, these places point to God.

As such, CAST sees an immense and untapped opportunity to evangelize through these major travel hubs. By offering free and dynamic resources, CAST wants to help people connect the dots, to direct them to the source and inspiration of such resplendence, to encounter God.

Our Initiatives

The Roman Minute

Want to know more about the saints that you find buried throughout the 900 + Churches in Rome, but not sure where to start? Start with CAST's 1 minute artistic videos... Coming soon!

St Peter's Basilica App

Standing in the vast richness of St. Peter’s Basilica is an incredible experience, but it can all be very overwhelming, every nook and cranny as decadent as the next. Let CAST guide you through the Basilica with an interactive app that explains the artistic, historical and spiritual significance of all that surrounds you.

Learn More

The Roman Minute

There is so much in Rome, over 900 Churches to be precise, and each one brimming with art and saints’ tombs. CAST offers one minute artistic videos to highlight the aspects and saints that can’t be missed on your Roman tour. Coming Soon.

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